Kasco VFX-Series Display Aerators - 3/4 hp

VFX-Series Display Aerators

JF-Series Display Aerators



The least expensive to purchase, maintain and operate. Industrial strength 1-phase, 1750 RPM motors feature lower power consumption and extended motor life in continuous operation. Heavy-duty stainless steel components prevent corrosion even in salt water. Kasco fountains are approved to UL and CSA standards by ETL as complete packages. 3/4 HP models carry a 2-year manufacturer's warranty.

Kasco JF-Series fountain display aerators offer a variety of aesthetically pleasing display patterns, plus they provide aeration to keep the body of water healthy. Multiple, interchangeable spray patterns are included with each unit and can be switched in 30 seconds. 3/4 HP models have 5 patterns. Units are designed to operate in shallow water and are the least likely to clog of any manufacturer because of Kasco's deflector technology, prop guard and standard bottom intake screen. Oxygen transfer is 70% to 75% of a standard Kasco AF surface aerator, listed separately in this section.

Kasco VX-Series high oxygen transfer fountain aerators come with a single V-pattern nozzle and are designed for maximizing oxygen transfer possible with a display aerator.

All JF and VX series fountain aerators come with control panels. Control panels have NEMA 3R, lockable enclosures containing Class A Human Rated GFCI breaker with overload and short circuit protection with test and reset button, a 24-hour timer with 2 ON and 2 OFF trippers, 120V receptacle and photo eye for use with a lighting package (optional). 240V panels require 4-wire power (L1, L2, 1 ground, and 1 neutral for proper operation).

Aerating fountains come with everything you need: Nozzles, motor, control panel, power cord, and float. Choose a J-series or VX-series display aerator with the desired voltage/phase and cord length. Order corresponding light kits separately.



Sizing Chart - Click Chart for Enlargement 120V Control Panel


Optional light kits include solid bronze light fixtures to illuminate your fountain displays during nighttime hours. They require only partial submergence and less wattage than competitive units that must be fully submerged. 120V light cords plug into the control box that comes with all display aerators and convert to 12-volt from 120-volt via a junction box under the float. Fixtures include clear lenses, internal potting materials and multiple seals. 3/4 HP fountains have two lights. Colored lights are available.

Colored lights on VX aerators



QTY VKA10133

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 100', Voltage: 120V, Run Amps: 7.3

QTY VKA10136

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 100', Voltage: 240V, Run Amps: 3.7

QTY VKA10134

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 150', Voltage: 120V, Run Amps: 7.3

QTY VKA10137

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 150', Voltage: 240V, Run Amps: 3.7

QTY VKA10135

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 200', Voltage: 120V, Run Amps: 7.3

QTY VKA10138

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 200', Voltage: 240V, Run Amps: 3.7

QTY VKA10139

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 250', Voltage: 240V, Run Amps: 3.7

QTY VKA10140

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 300', Voltage: 240V, Run Amps: 3.7

QTY VKA10141

Display Aerator, Cord Length: 400', Voltage: 240V, Run Amps: 3.7

QTY VKA10167

Light Package for VKA10133 & VKA10136

QTY VKA10168

Light Package for VKA10134 & VKA10137

QTY VKA10169

Light Package for VKA10135 & VKA10138

QTY VKA10170

Light Package for VKA10139

QTY VKA10171

Light Package for VKA10140

QTY VKA10172

Light Package for VKA10141