Kodiak 6" Universal SewurT Plug
  • Reduce Risk of Sewage Backflow
  • Shut Off Delinquent Accounts
  • Installs through 6" Cleanout

The Sewur-6-P Universal Sewur Plug is designed to work in most standard 6" PVC cleanout tees with a riser pipe. The heavy-duty, flexible vinyl bladder, which is attached to a solid upper body with SS lifting ring, is filled with water on site. The water filled 6-P is then lowered through the riser pipe until the sealing member rests on the bottom and conforms to the interior surface of the tee. Slight variations in the degree of sealing will occur depending on the shape of the interior cavity of the tee but 90% closure can be expected and 100% closure when solids are in the line.

A heavy hook with 3/4" FNPT PVC connector is included with each plug. Simply attach a length of 3/4" threaded pipe (customer supplied) to the hook assembly, and you are ready to go. For ease of removal you can install a standard tee fitting on the opposite end. The hook can be removed after the plug is installed. If left in place it is recommended that a cap be placed on top of the riser to prevent debris from entering the riser. Padlock ready plugs designed for use on the end of riser pipes with an interior diameter range of 5.77" to 6.08" are available. Note that plugs should be drained when stored above ground in freezing temperatures.

SPECIFICATIONS: Polyethylene body with fill plug and flexible vinyl bladder attached with SS clamps. Lifting ring is stainless steel. Overall length excluding lift ring 12.5". Overall length with lift ring 17-5/8". Maximum overall width 5.50". Shipping weight 2 lbs. Made in USA. Spec Sheet
For even more 'lock out' security we recommend the 6" Monitor Locking Plug. This specialty Plug is made with Chemical Resistant Estaloc Plates and features a Buna-N Gasket for long lasting service.

Note that the Locking Plug's Padlock Hasp will accept up to MasterLock® #2 size padlocks.



QTY VKO10003

Sewur-6-P Plug with Hook

QTY VKO10004

Sewur-6-Hook Only

QTY 271-691

6" Lockable Riser Plug