Watts Heavy Duty Float Valves - 1" thru 2"

All bronze bodies

Built to last, these float valves feature all bronze bodies and high tensile manganese bronze arms that are serrated for quick and easy adjustment of water level. Valves operate with single lever action that eliminates any possibility of jamming. Rugged, economical plastic floats are standard with a maximum temperature rating of 140°F. Copper floats for sump temperatures to 200°F are available.

Watts heavy duty float valves are rated for 180°F inlet water temperature and up to165 psi water pressure depending on the length of float rod and float diameter. Valve/rod/float combinations listed below have been selected to accommodate 90 psi water service, which is more than adequate for most domestic water applications. See our website for a complete listing of valve and stem combinations for inlet pressures up to 165 psi, as well as repair parts.


Plastic Float

copper Float


Heavy Duty Float Valves - 1" thru 2"
The bodies of the 1" through 2" float valves include FNPT inlet pipe connections with an integral body hex nut for easy threading of the valve onto male pipe threads. Outlets are all smooth, and threaded outlets are not available for these sizes. For bulkhead mounting, we can supply bulkhead fittings listed separately in this catalog. The stem for all sizes 1" through 2" is 3/8" x 12" with 3/8-16 threads on both ends with the exception of the stem for the 1" valve, which has a 5/16-18 connection on one end only. Plastic floats are standard and consist of two 6" floats mounted side by side on a tee assembly, which connects to the float rod. This is comparable to a single 10" copper float, which is available as an option.

For a complete float valve assembly, order (1) valve body, (1) stem and (1) float.

Watts Heavy Duty Float Valves - 1/2" and 3/4"



QTY VWA10012

Valve Body, Valve Inlet FNPT: 1", Outlet: Smooth

QTY VWA10013

Valve Body, Valve Inlet FNPT: 1-1/4", Outlet: Smooth

QTY VWA10014

Valve Body, Valve Inlet FNPT: 1-1/2", Outlet: Smooth

QTY VWA10015

Valve Body, Valve Inlet FNPT: 2", Outlet: Smooth

QTY VWA10023

Brass Stem for 1" Valve Body

QTY VWA10024

Brass Stem for 1-1/4", 1-1/2" & 2" Valve Body

QTY VWA10021

2 x 6" Diameter Plastic Float Ass for 1" thru 2" Float Body

QTY VWA10022

Optional 10" copper float with 3/8-16 connection for 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" valves