Milliken Plug Valves

Milliken Millcentric plug valves are recommended for water with a high solids content, sludge and slurries. The port design has streamlined internal contours to provide high capacity straight through flow in the full open position, reducing pressure drop and the effect of erosive media.

CNC manufacturing delivers consistent sizes on all components. Cast iron bodies conform to AWWA C504 wall thickness and are cast using high pressure molding techniques. Ductile iron plugs are elastomer* coated to provide tight shut off even under vacuum conditions. Welded seats are 90% nickel for corrosion and erosion resistance and specially profiled for low torque and extended seat life. Plugs rotate in permanently lubricated 316SS bearings and U-cup stem seals are self-adjusting for trouble free service. All sizes through 12" are rated 175 PSI.


* Buna-N (nitrile) is standard for wastewater service. EPDM is available at no extra cost. Specify when ordering. Sizes 3" through 12" are listed below with flanged and mechanical joint connections. Manual valves have 2" sq. operating nuts. Gear operators for flanged valves for above ground service have a hand wheel. Gear operators used on MJ valves have a 2" square nut operator and are suitable for buried service. Larger sizes up to 48" are available.




QTY VWC10053

Class 125 Flange, Size: 3", Length: 8", 40 lbs

QTY VWC10054

Class 125 Flange, Size: 4", Length: 9", 70 lbs

QTY VWC10056

Class 125 Flange, Size: 6", Length: 10.5", 115 lbs

QTY VWC10058

Class 125 Flange, Size: 8", Length: 11.5", 190 lbs

QTY VWC10059

Class 125 Flange, Size: 8" Gear, Length: 11.5", 270 lbs

QTY VWC10060

Class 125 Flange, Size: 10" Gear, Length: 13", 345 lbs

QTY VWC10061

Class 125 Flange, Size: 12" Gear, Length: 14", 440 lbs

QTY VWC10064

Mechanical Joint, Size: 3", Length: 11.5", 50 lbs

QTY VWC10065

Mechanical Joint, Size: 4", Length: 14.25", 80 lbs

QTY VWC10066

Mechanical Joint, Size: 6", Length: 15.75", 125 lbs

QTY VWC10067

Mechanical Joint, Size: 8", Length: 17.38", 200 lbs

QTY VWC10068

Mechanical Joint, Size: 8" Gear, Length: 17.38", 280 lbs

QTY VWC10069

Mechanical Joint, Size: 10" Gear, Length: 19.38", 360 lbs

QTY VWC10070

Mechanical Joint, Size: 12" Gear, Length: 20.75", 480 lbs