Milliken Multiport Plug Valves

Divert flow left or right
Available in sizes through 16"

Milliken multiport plug valves feature cast iron bodies with corrosion and abrasion resistant epoxy seats. Solid ductile iron tapered plugs are faced with Buna-N elastomer vulcanized in place and ground to size. Bearings are oil-impregnated 316 stainless steel bearings. Stems have self-adjusting "U" cup seals.

Choice of 2' square nut operator or gear operator with hand wheel. Multiport valves are available in sizes through 16" with Class 125 flanged connections and are rated 175 PSI.


Milliken multi-port plug valves are suitable for diverting service applications, and while the seat/sealing is adjustable, this valve should be considered a diverting valve only and not a drip-tight or shutoff valve. If the requirement is for a drip-tight shutoff valve, call for quote.

A variety of 3-way port positions are possible. Unless specified otherwise, valves will be supplied with a 90° flow plan (divert left or right) configuration. If you need a different plug confi guration, ask us for a quote on the style you want.

Note some flow arrangements other than the 90° flow pattern will require a gear operator.




QTY VWC10073

2" Sq. Nut Operator, Size (Flg): 3", Wt. (lbs): 65

QTY VWC10074

2" Sq. Nut Operator, Size (Flg): 4", Wt. (lbs): 120

QTY VWC10075

2" Sq. Nut Operator, Size (Flg): 6", Wt. (lbs): 170

QTY VWC10076

2" Sq. Nut Operator, Size (Flg): 8", Wt. (lbs): 325