Water Hammer Arrestors

Reduce water hammer caused by quick valve closure

Water hammer arrestors are designed to protect residential, commercial and industrial water lines during pressure surges following quick valve closure, i.e. fast closing solenoid valves on water lines. The excessive pressure surge is absorbed by the pre-charged cushion of air permanently sealed within the water hammer arrestor.

Maximum transient pressure surge, with arrestor properly sized and placed in the water supply system, will not rise above 150 psi following quick valve closure. Arrestors have static pressure rating of 150 psi, but for best performance static pressure should be not exceed 85 psi with a maximum flow velocity of 10 feet per second. Seamless copper tube body has a brass tailpiece with MNPT connection, Acetal (NSF Listed) or brass piston, FDA approved Buna nitrile O-rings, and lead free solder.




QTY VWI10087

MNPT: 1/2", Overall Height: 5-1/4", Air Chamber Width: 1-1/8", Capacity - Cu. In.: 3.5

QTY VWI10088

MNPT: 3/4", Overall Height: 5-5/8", Air Chamber Width: 1-5/8", Capacity - Cu. In.: 4.3

QTY VWI10089

MNPT: 1", Overall Height: 7-1/2", Air Chamber Width: 1-5/8", Capacity - Cu. In.: 6.5

QTY VWI10090

MNPT: 1", Overall Height: 7", Air Chamber Width: 1-3/8", Capacity - Cu. In.: 10.0

QTY VWI10091

MNPT: 1", Overall Height: 9", Air Chamber Width: 2-1/8", Capacity - Cu. In.: 22.0

QTY VWI10092

MNPT: 1", Overall Height: 10-1/2", Air Chamber Width: 2-1/8", Capacity - Cu. In.: 34.0