Wilkins 350A Double Check Backflow Preventer

Light Weight, Compact, Low Head Loss

The Wilkins 350A is a double check assembly intended for protection of non-health hazard cross-connections subject to back pressure or back siphonage and continuous pressure applications.

Its advanced design features a lightweight, epoxy coated ductile iron body with a short lay length. Patented low head loss CompoundChecks® are made of lead free engineered plastics and stainless steel and service of all components can be accomplished through a single access cover without removing the valve from the line.


Resilient wedge, flanged end NRS gate valves and four test cocks are standard. OS&Y gate valves are optional. Shut off valves may be either flanged or grooved. Maximum working water pressure is 175 psi and maximum working water temperature is 140°F.

Standards compliance: (Horizontal and Vertical): ASSE® Listed 1015, AWWA Compliant C510, IAPMO® Listed, CSA9R) Certified, UL® Classified, C-UL® Classified, FM® Approved, NYC MEA 220- 04-M Vol. 2 (2-1/2" - 8"), Approved by the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California.

Wilkins 350A backflow preventers listed below do not include strainers. Order flanged cast iron Y-strainers separately. Strainers listed below have FDA approved epoxy coated interiors and exteriors and stainless steel perforated screens.




QTY VWI10108

Wilkins 350A, Size: 2-1/2", Length: 35-1/8"

QTY VWI10109

Wilkins 350A, Size: 3", Length: 36-1/8"

QTY VWI10110

Wilkins 350A, Size: 4", Length: 38-1/4"

QTY VWI10111

Wilkins 350A, Size: 6", Length: 47-1/4"

QTY VWI10112

Wilkins 350A, Size: 8", Length: 62"

QTY VWI10123

Cast Iron Y-Strainer, Size: 2-1/2", Length: 35-1/8""

QTY VWI10124

Cast Iron Y-Strainer, Size: 3", Length: 36-1/8"

QTY VWI10125

Cast Iron Y-Strainer, Size: 4", Length: 38-1/4"

QTY VWI10126

Cast Iron Y-Strainer, Size: 6", Length: 47-1/4"

QTY VWI10127

Cast Iron Y-Strainer, Size: 8", Length: 62"

QTY VWI10114

350A Rubber Repair Kit, Size: 2-1/2', 3", 4"

QTY VWI10115

350A Rubber Repair Kit, Size: 6"

QTY VWI10116

350A Rubber Repair Kit, Size: 8"