Drum Hustler II
  • Rugged All Steel Construction
  • 1,000 lb Load Capacity
  • Adjusts to most Drum Sizes
  • Fits most Drum Types
  • Moves Drums On an Off Pallets
  • Over size Wheels for Rough Surfaces

The Drum Hustler II adjusts to handle steel, fiber or plastic drum 23" to 42" tall, with rims up to 85 gallon overpack.

A unique feature is that drums can be lifted off or set on pallets with ease. The big 16" diameter, 4-ply pneumatic tires provide superior ease of handling when transporting heavy materials over rough terrain.

Made of 10ga structural steel tubing, the Drum Hustler II has a 1000 lb. capacity. Shipping weight is 63 lbs and ships knocked down via UPS.

If you need a hand truck for moving equipment over rough terrain, a 14" wide x adjustable 14"-18" platform attachment is available as an option. It can be attached to the Drum Hustler II frame simply by removing and replacing two bolts. Weighs 21 lbs.




QTY VWT10011

Drum Hustler II

QTY VWT10012

Platform Assembly