Vivax vLocCam

The vLocCam is intended for use by field technicians to locate, trace and the position of buried utility pipes and cables.

The vLocCam system is a completely new system for pipe and cable location.

Designed by engineers experienced in the field of location, and incorporating ideas, and feedback from Customers the product addresses many of the shortcomings of locators.

The vLocCam system provides the functionality required by experienced field and the simplicity needed by novices. The system has a classic look, with an intuitive user interface design to minimize training needed when transition from other manufacturers equipment. Different and more application specific user interfaces will become available as new features and accessories are introduced.

The vLocCam receiver is the first of a new generation of DSP dual core processor technology products designed and manufactured by Vivax.



  • Dual core DSP processing resulting for fast depth & current measurement
  • A color display - providing an improved user interface, and scope for additional screen layouts adding functionality and features
  • Light weight and strong - a carbon fiber reinforced antenna enclosure,ABS moldings, air cored antennas make the unit light but rugged
  • A dual battery system in the receiver allows the user the economy of rechargeable batteries, and the convenience of alkaline (replaceable batteries)
  • Quick change battery trays provide the same flexibility to Use alkaline (standard) batteries or rechargeable (optional)


  • Both receiver and transmitter allow use of any frequency between 50Hz and 200kHz (not all transmitter features are available at all frequencies)
  • The usual broad band Passive Power & radio modes are also accompanied by specific narrow band 50Hz & 60Hz narrow band modes.
  • Both transmitter and receiver operating systems can be upgraded via a standard USB interface - making for the easy additional of software options and enhancements from your PC.



QTY VX01000

vCamLoc, Camera Locator, Receiver Only, 3 Freq (512Hz, 640Hz, 33kHz)