EDI PermaCap5™

Course Bubble Diffuser

  • Economical Course Bubble Diffuser
  • Great for Mixing Applications
  • Great for Aerobic Digestion
  • Performance Curves



Effective for use in aerated digesters, package wastewater plants or applications requiring mixing such as raw chambers or return sludge channels. Coarse bubble diffusers require less maintenance than fine bubble diffusers but are not as efficient in transferring oxygen as Fine Bubble.

These units are made with EPDM membranes with perforations designed to keep the bubbles from reforming into one larger bubble. Diffuser base and retaining ring are manufactured from durable ABS.

The unit is provided with an integral check valve to eliminate the intrusion of water and solids into the piping under normal on/off operation.

Units are suitable for mounting on either the top or bottom of the air distribution piping. Each unit is 5 inches in diameter.




QTY WED00831

Diffuser ⅜" NPT for 2-6 SCFM

QTY WED00732

Diffuser ⅜" NPT for 3-10 SCFM

QTY WED00555

Diffuser ¾" NPT for 2-8 SCFM

QTY WED00137

Diffuser ¾" NPT for 3-15 SCFM