Skimming Net Poles
  • Fixed Pole Extension - TOP - 5.9'
  • Fixed Pole - MIDDLE - 4' or 5.9'
  • Telescoping Pole - BOTTOM - 6.7' to 12'
    or 7.1' to 15.6'
  • High Strength Aluminum Construction




Our aluminum skimming poles are available in fixed length and telescopic styles. All are equipped with textured grip style handles and have standard pool style connectors, to which skimming nets, algae brushes, tank squeegees and life hooks can be mounted. Two-piece telescoping poles have heavy plastic chuck locks, and our unique 7’ to 15’ telescoping pole is sized to ship standard UPS ground to minimize shipping costs.

For maximum pole strength we recommend using our segmented pole with bolted connections. Intermediate 5’ 9” sections have MxF ends secured with two smooth, round head fasteners. This design provides improved strength versus telescopic poles due to the coupling design and the fact that the full 1-1/4” tubing diameter is not reduced in size at any point.

For a complete pole assembly select a 5’ 9” length with grip style handle (Item WNY10026) and one or two 5’9” extensions (Item WNY10027) depending on whether you want an overall pole length of 11’ 6” or 17’ 3”.* Fully assembled poles can be easily stored on site on aluminum pole hangers. If used around clarifiers, we suggest keeping a “J” style, life hook attachment on hand for emergency rescue service. The life hook is 18” long and is made of 3/8” solid anodized aluminum rod.

*NOTE:  In theory, an indefinite number of extensions can be added.  However, in WWTP service, we often deal with heavier objects such as grease balls and aluminum poles can break under excessive loading or using the railing on the catwalk as a lever fulcrum.




QTY 4934398

Telescoping Skimming Pole, 6.7' to 12'

QTY 4934406

Telescoping Skimming Pole, 7.1' to 15.6'

QTY 4936446

Fixed Skimming Pole with Grip, 4'

QTY 4936457

Fixed Skimming Pole with Grip, 5.9'

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Extension with 2 Fasteners, 5.9'

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Aluminum Pole Hangers

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Life Hook