HDPE Plus Manhole Inserts
  • Low Cost
  • Easy to Install
  • Reduces Inflow
  • Lowers Treatment Plant Costs
  • Includes Valve for Pressure Relief
  • Dimensional Chart for Ordering

These manhole inserts, also known as shields are manufactured from HDPE and will not rust or corrode. They have been proven effective in reducing or preventing surface water infl ow to the collection system, through the manhole lid.

Operating, utility and maintenance costs for plant equipment and pumps are minimized, due to reduced flow during heavy rainfall. These HDPE manhole inserts are a practical solution to expensive plant expansions, new construction moratoriums or high sewage treatment costs.

HDPE meets the requirements of ASTM D-1248, Class A, Category 5, Type III, with a finished thickness of 1/8". The manhole inserts include 2 built in valves for gas and vacuum relief. The valves are spring loaded and designed to release at 2 psi for vacuum and 1 psi for gas.

HDPE Plus inserts also include a polyethylene gasket for sealing to the manhole frame. The insert will allow a rate of not more than 1 gallon per 24 hour period. Each insert is equipped with a heavy-duty polypropylene strap for ease of removal and installation.

You must specify measurements when you order these items because Protectors are custom designed per your measurements, and they and are non-returnable!

Reference the Dimensional Chart here when you place your order online, simply add the dimensions in the Comments field of the shopping cart. If you have any doubts or concerns, please call Tech Support at 800-437-1146.




QTY WPA90021

HDPE Plus Manhole insert 21"-29"

QTY WPA90022

HDPE Plus Manhole insert 29"-33"

QTY WPA90023

HDPE Plus Manhole insert 33" and up

* Substantial discounts are available for quantity purchases