Internal Plastic Pipe Cutters

Make accurate, square cuts at floor level or in other blind locations. Easily preset for depth of cut, they are installed in the pipe and make their cuts in seconds. Recommended user supplied power source: ½" capacity, 350-450 rpm drill, rated at 4.6 to 6 amps. For PVC and ABS plastic pipe. For individual pipe sizes from 1½" to 6" Diameter.




QTY WR1590

Internal Cutter 1½" sch 40 pipe and DWV. 

QTY WR2290

Internal Cutter 2" sch 40 pipe and DWV

QTY WR1293

Replacement Blade for WR1590 and WR2290

QTY WR3290

Internal Cutter 3" sch 40 pipe and DWV

QTY WR3490

Internal Cutter 3" sch 80 pipe and DWV

QTY WR4290

Internal Cutter 4" sch 40 pipe and DWV

QTY WR4490

Internal Cutter 4" sch 80 pipe

QTY WR6000

Internal Cutter 6" sch 40 pipe and DWV