The PipeMaster

PipeMaster Family 3


Diamond Blade for CI/DI Pipe

Carbide Tipped for Steel Pipe

Economy Blade for DI Pipe


Unit consists of a cutting head with internal gears which operate the drive wheels and blade shaft. Cutting blades (except for No. 4616) must be cooled with water during cutting and are fully enclosed for safety. The cutter is held onto the pipe by a wide roller chain which is tensioned with a threaded take-up mechanism. A chart is included which tells the operator how much chain is required for various sizes of pipe. The unit has a hydraulic motor which requires an external hydraulic power source.



  • Construction: Aluminum Gearbox and Side plates with Steel & Bronze Gears, Steel Roller Chain, Drive
  • Gearbox: Worm Drive with 80-90W gear oil
  • Hydraulic Requirements: 4 gpm (15pm) at 2000 psi (140 kg/cm2)
  • Cutting Speed: 3" (150mm) of surface travel per minute 1" (25mm) of diameter per minute
  • Cutting Clearance: Radial 8" (200mm) Axial 16" (400mm)
  • Blade Speed: 1200 rpm
  • Cutting Head Weight: 35 lbs.



QTY WR4624

PipeMaster 6" to 24" 35 lbs.

QTY WR4648

PipeMaster 6" to 48" 48 lbs.

QTY WR6500

Hydraulic power pak 150 lbs.

QTY WR4616

6" Economy diamond blade for DI pipe

QTY WR4606

6" diameter diamond blade for CI, DI & clay

QTY WR4706

6" tungsten carbide tipped blade for steel

QTY WR276693

Water supply tank, 4 gallon

QTY WR4685

Steel wedge, set of 6

QTY WR4686

Roller chain, one link section

QTY WR276288

Flat face male quick disconnect

QTY WR276289

Flat face female quick disconnect