Wheeler-Rex 68 Valve Exerciser

Rugged, economical, versatile
Adjustable torque output to 250 ft. lbs.


The Wheeler-Rex 68 valve exerciser makes valve cycling easy and economical, especially in confined or remote locations. The power drive is built for years of trouble-free service. The frame is solid, one-piece aluminum for strength and durability. The motor is 1/2 hp universal, 115V, 50-60hz AC reversible. Gearing features an oversize worm gear set that is ball bearing mounted and grease lubricated for maximum life. Separate heavy-duty on-off and reverse switches with pistol grip controls and a 9' oil resistant 3-wire power cord make operation easy. Unit operates at 20 RPM. Weight of the power drive with torque limiting adapter is 44 lbs.

The torque limiting adapter with resettable electronic turn counter and 1" (F) square drive mounts in the center of the power drive and can be set to release at any torque from 0 to 250 ft. lbs. We list adjustable length gate wrenches for 2" Sq. valve nuts with a 1" (M) square drive plus a detachable T-handle that are designed for use with the Model 68 operator. Both come packed in a 24" carrying case.

For unsurpassed versatility you can also purchase an adapter for 12R* style pipe dies for pipe threading through 2". This is a valuable feature not offered in other brands of valve exercisers. A fixed adapter with a 1" square female drive is also available for driving geared applications.


WR10696                              WR10709                              WR8806




QTY WR681150

Wheeler-Rex 68 Power Drive with Torque Limiting Adapter

QTY WR68115

Wheeler-Rex 68 Power Drive Only

QTY WR13964

Torque Limiting Adapter with Counter

QTY WR701061

Replacement Counter

QTY WR10696

Adapter for 12R* Style Drop Head Dies

QTY WR10709

Adapter with 1" Square Female Drive

QTY WR8806

6' Telescoping Gate Valve Key

QTY WR8808

8' Telescoping Gate Valve Key

* RidgidT 12R or equivalent