Wheeler Power Operated Plastic Pipe Beveller


The power bevellers are designed for a wide variety of situations including high production applications. The advanced HSS cutter design automatically makes a smooth 15o bevel at a pre-set depth.

Tools are easy to use and drastically reduces beveling time, especially on large pipe sizes or when doing production beveling.

HD 115V or 230V, Capacity: 4" (100 mm) and up.  Heavy duty 8 amp, 25,000 RPM motor.  Shipping Weight: 12 lbs.




QTY WR9000

Model 9000 Pipe Beveller with 115V motor

QTY WR9230

Model 9000 Pipe Beveller wtih 230V motor

   QTY WR9050

Pneumatic Beveller 1½ hp, 20,000 RPM

   QTY WR220220

Beveller unit less router

   QTY WR220234

Replacement HSS 15° Cutter Bit No.

   QTY WR220041

Optional 15° Solid Carbide Cutter Bit