Rosemount Total Chlorine System
  • Reagent Based Chlorine System
  • Amperometric

Rosemount Total Chlorine System Manual

The TLC is a sample conditioning and measuring system for the continuous determination of chlorine in water from 0.02 to 20 ppm. It is intended primarily for the determination of chlorine in chlorinated seawater. It is not suitable for the determination of dichloramine and other inorganic and organic chloramines.

The sample conditioning system permits a single sensor to measure total chlorine in water. It continuously injects a solution of acetic acid (vinegar) and potassium iodide into the sample. The acid lowers the pH to between 3.5 and 4.5 and allows total chlorine in the sample to quantitatively react with the potassium iodide to produce iodine Oxidants in the sample convert iodide into an equivalent amount of iodine. A sensor measures the concentration of iodine and sends its signal to the analyzer. The analyzer displays the concentration in ppm (mg/L) as Cl2.

The sample conditioning system contains no metal wetted parts and uses little sample flow (minimum of 15 mL per minute). Five gallons of reagents lasts approximately two months.

The analyzer constists of a model 1056-24 controller and the 499ACL total chlorine sensor. The controller features a two line back lit display, two independent 4-20 mA outputs plus three fully programmable alarms. The 499ACL-02 sensor requires no tools for membrance changes and requires minimal montly maintenance.





Total Chlorine Analyzer, 115V

QTY WRO2416400

KI, 25g for 5 Gal Vinegar (0-5 ppm)

QTY WRO2416401

KI, 50g for 5 Gal Vinegar (0-10 ppm)