Odor Neutralizing WindScents Sleeves
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Sleeves are hung along the perimeter of this facility between the source of the malodors and the public.  This facility cancelled its plan to do a large capital project after using the granules for a 6 month period.  The local media praised the efforts of the staff at this facility and the phrase "Turning Complaints Into Compliments" was coined. 

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With environmentally safe essential oils, WindScents Sleeves neutralize the perception of unpleasant smells without masking, without causing potentially toxic chemical reactions and without the need to handle caustic and volatile chemicals.

Fabric WindScents Sleeves hold up to one pound of odor neutralizing granules, about twice the amount of WindScents Socks.  Each Sleeve is 3 feet long by 2.5 inches wide and have a small hole, surrounded by a metal grommet at the top, ready for hanging. Constructed with Velcro, Sleeves can easily be emptied and refilled from the opening at the top.

They are suitable for hanging and easy to fill.  After 3 months simply empty the contents and refill with fresh product.  Hang between malodor and public, in rooms, dumpsters, near air vents, or wherever unwanted odors are perceived.

Reusable because granules can be changed when odor controlling properties are depleted.

Versatile because different odor neutralizers can be substituted at will.


Usage Rates:

  • When creating a barrier between a malodor and the public, hang a WindScents Sleeve every 10 feet
  • When you use a WindScents Sleeve to control malodors in a room, use one for every 270 square feet. Hang in front of an air stream.
  • Each WindScents will last up to 90 days. To intensify the odor controlling properties of a sleeve during its life, occasionally shake and moisten.
  • Usage may vary with the perceived intensity of the malodor.



QTY OC10510-PG

No Scent, 10 Unfilled Sleeves and 
25lbs of odor neutralizing granules

QTY OC10411-PG

Forest Scent, 10 Unfilled Sleeves and 
25lbs of odor neutralizing granules

QTY OC10813-PG

Cinnamon/Vanilla, 10 Unfilled Sleeves and 
25lbs of odor neutralizing granules

QTY OC10189-PG

Orange Scent, 10 Unfilled Sleeves and
5lbs of odor neutralizing granules