Little Giant Water Wizard

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The Little Giant Water Wizard submersible utility pump is great for pumping out valuts, flooded utility boxes or tanks.  Lightweight yet very reliable, this pump will move 20 gpm.  The motor is 1/6 hp, single phase, 115 volts and has thermal overload protection built-in.  The pump will handle dirty water and silt.  Pump willr emove water down to 3/8" of the floor as equipped, or remove the bottom screen and it will pump to 1/8" (higher liquid level is required to start pumping).  Pumps are available in manual or automatic models.  Automatic models include a Diaphragm piggy back switch which allows automatic or manual operation.

  • Material: Cast Aluminum Case, Polypro Base
  • Shaft Seal: Viton
  • Impeller: Nylon
  • Maximum Liquid Temp: 120 Degrees
  • Motor: Oil-Filled with Thermal Protection
  • Solids: Turbid Water



QTY 14059

Model 5MSP Water Wizard, No Float, 18' Cord

QTY 121553

Model 5ASP Water Wizard, Dia-Piggy Back, 10' Cord


QTY 1119416

Model 5ASPLL Water Wizard, Dia-Piggy Back, 18' Cord*
* This unit features a special low level switch that will turn off between 1/2" and 1-1/2" level.