Mentor Hose Ramp


Aluminum Stackable Ramps for Traffic Hose Protection


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  • Sold in multiples of 12'  
  • 12' unit covers one traffic lane  
  • Six 2' sections easily store on truck
  • Section Weight: 15 lbs each  
  • Stacked Dimensions: 24"L x 18"W x 16"H  
  • Ships by UPS in two 42 lb boxes  
  • High strength Aluminum alloy is load rated at 47,500 pounds per wheel  
  • For ultimate reliability, place ramps at 30° angle to traffic flow, so vehicles cross ramps one wheel at a time  
  • No tools required, integral section clips  
  • Serrated edge keeps ramp in place

The Mentor Hose Ramp is designed to maintain traffic, while protecting a 3" fire hose. The ramp performs the function of protecting hose, pipe, cable, fuel lines...etc..

Originally fabricated in 1962 for the use of local fire companies, the Mentor Hose Ramp has been in continuous production and sold to thousands of fire departments across the country and around the world.

In the 1990s an inquiry by a utility construction firm indicated a use for the ramp by construction companies. Municipal water departments, sewer rehabilitation companies, horizontal drillers, environmental cleanup companies, fiber optic contractors, communications firms, telecommunication and electric companies, marinas, festival producers have found varied uses.

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Mentor Hose Ramp - Six 2' Sections
(1 unit = 12')


Mentor Replacement Clips with Cotter Pins (Package of 12 clips)