Thompson 6" Sewage and Trash Pumps

6" Standard Pump

  • All Cast Iron Construction
  • Ideal for Sewage By-Pass
  • Handles Large Solids up to 3"

These pumps are suited for use in a variety of applications including sewage by-pass, flood control, and general de-watering. These pumps are available with a wet priming or compressor priming system.

A wet priming system is the most standard priming system for pumps in the market today. The compressor priming system uses an air compressor and blows air across a venturi to create a vacuum thus causing the liquid to go up the hose and into the pump. The Compressor prime is ideal for situations where you don't want to monitor the pump, or where your flow is sporadic. The compressor priming system will run dry and re-prime when liquid is present again. Thompson pump has an exclusive system called Enviroprime® that assures your pumpage never winds up on the ground.

Optional 6" Silent Knight Enclosure


All Thompson 6" pumps will self prime to 28' at sea level and will pump up to 3" spherical solids. All units feature an easy access clean out for clearing clogs should one occur.

These pumps are available on skid or trailer and there is an option for sound attenuated enclosure. Standard trailers include DOT light package, 3" Pintle hitch, diamond plate fenders, front adjustable jack, safety chains, and two rear jacks.


6HT and 6HTC

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6TS and 6TSC

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QTY XTH10005

6TS, Trailer Mount, John Deere 64HP, Wet Prime CALL

QTY XTH10006

6TSC, Trailer Mount, John Deere 64HP, Compressor Prime CALL

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6HT, Trailer Mount, John Deere 35HP, Wet Prime CALL

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6HT, Trailer Mount, John Deere 35HP, Compressor Prime CALL