Barrel Lock

Barrel Lock and Barrel Lock Key Weather Cap

The Barrel Lock is designed for security, high performance and long life. This plunger style barrel lock is made from case-hardened carbon steel and can't be sawed or clipped with a bolt cutter.

Plastic weather caps (sold separately) snap over the end of the barrel locks to prevent water and dirt from entering and clogging the keyhole.

For your safety and security, all barrel locks, barrel lock keys and accessories are sold and shipped exclusively to utility companies.

  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • Plated for Corrosion Resistance
  • Engineered for Superior Tamper Resistance
  • All Barrel Lock Keys Contain
    Serial Numbers
  • Multiple Applications within
    the Utility Industry

Weather Caps are used to maintain and to extend the service life of your barrel locks. Use weather caps to prevent water and dirt from entering and clogging the keyhole.

They are made from UV stabilized polypropylene for long lasting service.

Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool Typical Application for Barrel Lock

The Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool is a handy tool designed to remove dirt, debris, foreign matter, insect nests and rust from all barrel locks. The tool is manufactured from lightweight aluminum and features a 2-in-1 cleaning tool.

A sturdy 1/8" drill bit loosens and removes tough, packed-in debris and a stainless steel wire brush thoroughly cleans out the loosened debris. The Barrel Lock Cleaning tool extends barrel lock life by providing a means to regain lock functionality.

Perfect for KingLock K2 Typical Application for Barrel Lock



QTY E-5008

Key for E-5000 Barrel Lock *

QTY E-5000

Barrel Lock w/ End Cap

QTY E-0018R

Red Weather Caps for Barrel
Lock (10 count)

QTY E-0168

Barrel Lock Cleaning Tool
* For security reasons, the E-5008 Key is shipped directly to the end user. The end user must be a municipality or federally registered utility company. All keys are serialized and must be registered to an official at the utility. This information is needed at the time of ordering.