Water Tracing Liquid Dye

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Fluorescent dyes are unique, high quality formulations preferred by most professionals for visual leak detection. With these dyes, you can test sewer lines for infiltration, locate sewer lines, check lines for illegal connections, proving septic bypasses and toilet leaks, check circulation through sludge beds and detect leaks in a closed system. These dyes come in a choice of three colors.



  • Preferred high strength formulations for medium-large scale visual and fluorometric studies
  • Most appropriate fluorescent products for quantitative analysis
  • Pint bottles supplied with dispensing lids and graduated measuring scale for ease of use
  • Pint : 1 ppm = 12,500 gallons
  • Gallon: 1 ppm = 100,000 gallons



QTY P51703

*Red Fluorescent Dye 50, Pint

QTY P51706

*Red Fluorescent Dye 50, Gallon

QTY P51712

*Red Fluorescent Dye 25, Pint

QTY P51717

*Red Fluorescent Dye 25, Gallon

QTY P51713

*Red Fluorescent Dye 200, Pint

QTY P51718

*Red Fluorescent Dye 200, Gallon

QTY P51704

*Yellow/Green Fluorescent Dye, Pint

QTY P51707

*Yellow/Green Fluorescent Dye, Gallon

QTY P51705

*Blue Non-Fluorescent Dye, Pint

QTY P51708

*Blue Non-Fluorescent Dye, Gallon
*Denotes NSF International certification to ANSI/NSF Standard 60
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