Leak Detector Dye Kits

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  • Packaged as 2 - 3/8" tablets with illustrated instruction folder.
  • For Municipal Utility Customer Awareness Programs and Water Conservation Programs.
  • Detect plunger-ball or overflow leaks in toilet tank.
  • Each effervescent tablet sufficient for 5 - 7 gallon tank.
  • Non-fluorescent blue tablets

Toilet tanks are often the biggest source of water losses in your home - they are notorious for their hidden, silent water waste. Just a small invisible toilet leak of two tablespoons a minute turns in to 15 gallons per day - 105 gallons per week - 5,460 gallons per year, and that's not uncommon. Many toilets quietly lose gallons per hour - dollars per week.

The Leak Detective is a safe, easy way to find out if you have this problem.




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*Leak Detective Kits, 100pk
*Denotes NSF International Certification to ANSI/NSF Standard 60
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