eXact iDip®
  • Photometer communicates with popular phones and tablets via BlueTooth
  • App includes tests for pH, Free and Combined Chlorine and Alkalinity
  • Purchase other parameters to customize to your needs
  • 1st handheld photometer that is GPS enabled
  • Instant, documented results can be emailed or exported via .csv file (spreadsheet)
  • Results can be shared on Facebook and Twitter via the app
  • Multilingual - available in French, Spanish, Russian, German, Czech and Chinese
  • Reduce human error by incorporating results with time, date and location stamp
  • In app updates for best accuracy
  • Waterproof - IP-67
  • Compatible Devices
  • Parameters and Ranges

The exciting new eXact iDip® photometer by ITS, Inc harnesses the power of smart devices and the simplicity of design to handle the heavy lifting of water testing. The smart phone app is designed to work seamlessly with the handheld unit, providing parameter inforamtion, data storage and GPS tracking. Plus, the meter is waterproof and it floats!

The eXact iDip® photometer is capable of running over 35 water quality tests and counting! New tests are constantly being developed for the iDip® that can be downloaded instantly within the app. The app comes with 4 tests installed - pH, Free Chlorine, Combined Chlorine and Total Alkalinity. Over 30 additional parameters are available for in app purchase, making the eXact iDip a truly customized experience.

The new eXact iDip® app is the first product in the water testing market to provide complete wireless connectivity between the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch and a photometeric device. Simply take a sample, dip the strip to deliver the appropriate reagent and read the results. Data is seamlessly transferered in real time between the two devices when paired with the eXact iDip photometer using Bluetooth wireless technology. The application stores the test results history of multiple water sources. Data can be shared via email and the built-in GPS feature allows for easy retrieval of water testing locations.

Order the eXact iDip® and download the free app from the app store. To add additional parameters beyond the 4 included, download each new method from the app for a fee of around $5.00 per parameter. Phone and tablet are NOT included and reagents must be ordered separately.




QTY I486101

eXact iDip Photometer

QTY I486111

Carrying Case

QTY LIT486641

Alkalinity - 100 Tests

QTY LIT486637

Chlorine - Free (DPD1) - 100 Tests

QTY LIT486638

Chlorine - Total (DPD3) - 100 Tests

QTY LIT486670

Chlorine - Total (DPD4) - 100 Tests

QTY LIT486672

Chlorine - High Range - 50 Tests

QTY LIT486632

Copper - 50 Tests

QTY LIT486629

Hardness (as CaCO3) - 50 Tests

QTY I486650

Iron, Total - 50 Tests

QTY I486606

Manganese (as MN+2) - 24 Tests

QTY I486655

Nitrate (as NO3) - 50 Tests

QTY I486623

Nitrite (as NO2) - 50 Tests

QTY LIT486639

pH - 100 Tests

QTY I486814

Phosphate - 50 Tests

QTY I486608

Sulfate (as SO4) - 50 Tests