The J Plug

The J Plug works well for confined space issues when you don't want to go into hazardous manholes, lift stations, or closed in areas. Personnel can stop the flow of water from above ground using the swivel U-Joint connector, threaded stand pipe and an air hose.
The J-Plug is a "Three in One Plug" it fits from 4" to 8", 8" to 12", 12" to 18" and 18" to 24". Plugs are constructed of cast aluminum with a cast eyelet to accommodate the use of a safety rope and an air hose fitting. Guide poles help insert plugs.


Cut out view of the inserted stopper: the J Pipe Plug can be inserted without a man entering the manhole. The presence of lethal gases are thereby avoided, helping to save lives. The J Pipe Plug is fast, accurate and easy to operate. It can be inserted and inflated even in flooded manholes.




QTY J-48

4" to 8" (12 to 14 psi) J Plug 

QTY J-812

8" to 12" (19 to 25 psi) J Plug

QTY J-1218

12" to 18" (19 to 23 psi) J Plug

QTY J-1824

18" to 24" (15 to 23 psi) J Plug

QTY JV-086

Portable Air Tank, 9 Gal

QTY 123-20

Inflation Rope/Hose w/Gauge, 20'

QTY 123-30

Inflation Rope/Hose w/Gauge, 30'

QTY 123-40

Inflation Rope/Hose w/Gauge, 40'

QTY 130-6

8'-20' Guide Pole, Telescoping