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KingLock™ Hydrant Locks

Dual Function KingLock™ Hydrant Lock

The KingLock takes fire hydrant security to a new level. The padlock- secured housing deters unauthorized access to the hydrant’s operating nut.

With the lock in place, the outer shell rotates freely in either direction around an inner operating nut extension that is secured to the hydrant’s operating nut, thereby preventing the hydrant operating nut from being turned.

Fast access to the operating nut simply requires removing the padlock and flipping the top cover back 180°. No parts to remove except for the padlock!

KingLocks have an integral instrument cavity in the head, into which an optional alarm package can be installed at any time in the field.

The alarm package includes a high frequency 120dB electronic alarm that will sound within 33 seconds if an alarm code is not entered on a membrane protected keypad after the KingLock’s hinged cover is tilted past a preset position.

The 9-volt battery has an 18 month life expectancy under normal use.

The KingLock is designed to mount on any hydrant's standard 1-1/2” pentagon operating nuts. Contact us regarding mounting on other sizes.

Battery replacement is easily accomplished in less than 5 minutes. All components are coated with anticorrosive materials.

The instrument cavity is also suitable for installing other electronic devices including transceivers for mesh network communications, sensors and hydrant finder lights.

KingLocks are made of ductile iron and powder painted red for maximum weather protection.

There are four components:

  • Prevent unauthorized access to hydrant operating nut.
  • No component parts to remove to access hydrant operating nut.
  • Uses standard padlocks. No special tools or keys required.
  • Integral instrument cavity for optional alarm package and custom instrumentation.
  • Instruction Sheet
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KingLock Demo Alarm Demo
  • An inner pentagon operating nut adapter mounts to the hydrant’s operating
    nut using five stainless steel set screws (included).

  • An outer shell, which slips over the inner adapter, has a hinged cover with
    a permanently secured stainless pin and a hasp designed to accept standard
    padlocks with up to a 5/16” diameter shackle.

  • A stainless steel locking pin inserted through in the outer shell and into a groove
    in the inner adapter locks the pentagon nut adapter and the outer shell together,
    yet still allows free 360º left and right rotation.

  • Two hex wrenches are provided for installation of the inner adapter. They also
    serve as removable retainer pins inserted at each end of the locking pin when
    the top cover is open. They prevent the locking pin from being accessed unless
    they are removed when the top is open.
Weighs 21 lbs.

For design and installation of specialized electronics in the KingLock, call us for more information.

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KingLock™ Hydrant Lock

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KingLock Alarm Package
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