P522 Pollard Universal Key


You may also need

#2 Meter Pit Cover Keys

#3 Meter Pit Cover Keys

Heavy Duty Pry Bars

Hydrant Wrench

Hydrant Wrench with STORZ
Standard Components:
  • (1) curb box cover remover (2 hole)
  • (1) curb box rod adapter
  • (1) 3/4" & 1" Curb stop key
  • (1) 1-1/4" through 2" curb stop key
  • (1) heavy duty gate valve key

Optional* Components:

  • Pentagon Adapter (P52211)
  • Hydrant Wrench & Spanner (P66602) Zinc Plated
  • #2 Meter Pit Key (P54102)
  • Pry Bars for valve box covers ­we recommended 2 - get both lengths. (P52212)

The Pollard Universal Key is designed with you in mind.  It fits in all utility vehicles and folds up neatly for storage.  Extendable sections allow you to reach up to nine feet down. 

Includes (2) extender tubes to give you up to a 9' extension

* Many options available ­ add hydrant wrenches, adapters, and pry bars.
* Custom sets are no problem, just let us know what you need in your Pollard Universal Key.

Product Data Sheet

QTY P522

Universal Valve Key Complete

QTY P52204

Square Adapter

QTY P52215

Curb Box Auger Adapter, 2 Hole Boxes

QTY P52211

Pentagon Adapter

QTY P52212

Rolling Head Pry Bar

QTY P66602

Zinc Plated Hydrant Wrench & Spanner

QTY P66604

STORZ Hydrant Wrench & Spanner

QTY P54102

Meter Pit Key #2

QTY P54150

Mueller Pit Key #3