SubSurface ZCorr Digital Correlating Loggers

ZCorr Multi-Sensor Overnight Leak Survey and Pinpointing In One Step
  • Compute the exact distance to the
    leak like a correlator.
  • Download the actual leak sounds recorded at each logger to the
    user's PC computer.
  • Can be used in a "Short Duration" mode with only 2 loggers as a substitute for a correlator. Deployment and retrieval only takes 15 - 20 minutes, and the results are as accurate as any correlator.
  • Perform leak correlations at the very quietest times late at night when usage and traffic noise are at their minimums. Smaller leaks can be pinpointed exactly then, even leaks which would be impossible to find during the day with
    any correlator.
  • Can turn ON automatically 3 times late
    at night in the "Overnight Survey" mode. The turn ON time and the interval between the recordings can be varied.
  • Can be used "Overnight" in groups of 8, 16, 24 or more loggers to intensively survey a section of the city and
    pinpoint leaks immediately.
  • Included Windows-based PC software which features built-in GIS mapping software. The water department's existing GIS maps can be easily downloaded to the ZCorr GIS maps (optional).
Our most popular ZCorr packages are listed below, custom packages are no problem, just give us a call and we will design one right for your needs.

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3) Digital Correlating Loggers
1) DZ-8 Docking Station
1) ZCorr Pro Software (166 megaHz Pentium with 63 Meg Ram PC minimum)
1) USB Cable for data and power
1) Operating Manual
8) Digital Correlating Loggers
1) DZ-8 Docking Station

All other items listed above in ZCorr 3
Digital Correlating Logger Package.

ZCorr Brochure
ZCorr User Guide
ZCorr Spec Sheet
ZCorr White Paper
The ZCorr system is a new, systematic approach to pipeline surveying. ZCorr digital correlating loggers offer significant advantages over listening loggers by detecting and pinpointing multiple leaks in a zone overnight. ZCorr's technical advances make leak surveying viable for water utilities at less effort and cost.
ZCorr is a software-driven approach that allows a distribution system leak survey to be efficiently directed from the office, integrating leak detection data, maps, and database tools to:
  1. Plan the survey and print deployment orders
  2. Pinpoint leaks and print repair reports
  3. Track survey progress and performance
The ZCorr survey has 3 steps: DEPLOY, RETRIEVE and ANALYZE. Each step can be performed either in the office or in the field.
ZCorr loggers are held in a compact Docking Station, which is connected to a PC. The docking station communicates with the ZCorr logger electronically, without cables.

The PC software user:
  • Sets the synchronized recording times (such as, 3 AM, 3:30 AM, and 4 AM)
  • Places the loggers on a map image
  • Optionally prints a deployment work order
Deployment is typically done by placing ZCorr loggers on valve operating nuts, hydrants or on other pipe fittings.
During the night the synchronized ZCorr loggers record at the user-programmed times. Recorded vibration samples are saved into the memory of the loggers. The loggers then enter low-power mode until they are reconnected with the docking station.
The recorded data is downloaded from the ZCorr Loggers, via the docking station, using the PC software. Eight loggers produce 28 distinct pairs for correlation analysis. ZCorr analysis finds all significant leak noise correlations automatically. Results are ranked by Correlation Score (0-100), scored by determination of leakage versus usage, correlation signal quality, and the smallest estimated error in pinpointed location of any leak(s).
ZCorr correlating loggers are operationally viable for most water utilities with over 2,000 service connections. It has superior performance and is cost-effective, compared to other leak survey methods.

Please give us a call at 800-437-1146, we would be glad to help you find the ZCorr system that best fits your needs and budget.
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