Trenchless Service Line Replacement Tool

Aircraft Cable and Pulling Grip

  • Replace water and gas service lines
  • Minimizes property and street damage
  • Use with a backhoe, winch or truck
  • Pulls out lead and galvanized lines
  • More info here


WEDGE SE for 3/4” and 1” Service Lines

MINI WEDGE for Service Lines 3/4” & Smaller

PE Pipe Pullers

Copper Pipe Connectors

The Wedge service line replacement tool is ideal for replacing 3/4” and 1” water services quickly and easily. Operation of the Wedge is simple - just feed the aircraft cable through the existing service and then pull the Wedge through the ground using a backhoe, truck or winch.

No special equipment is required! The new service can be easily attached to the back of the Wedge so the old line can be split or pulled out and the new line pulled in, all in one operation!

The Wedge will split existing copper and PE lines and will pull out lead or galvanized lines. This tool is a must for any utility contractor or plumber who is looking for an efficient and low cost alternative to costly excavation.

The Cables are not waranteed by the manufacturer.  Blades will dull after repeated uses.



QTY TFTW09003 WEDGE SE Service Line Tool 3/4” & 1”
QTY TFTW09033 WEDGE TE Service Line Tool 3/4” & 1”
QTY TFTW09004 Flaring Tool for 3/4 and 1" Copper 
QTY TFTW09014 Flare Lock Nut for 3/4" Copper
QTY TFTW09015 Flare Lock Nut for 1" Copper
QTY TFTW09508 PE Pipe Puller 3/4” 
QTY TFTW09509 PE Pipe Puller 1” 
QTY TFTW09050 Aircraft Cable - (3/8” X 50’) 


Aircraft Cable - (3/8” X 75’) 
QTY TFTW090100 Aircraft Cable - (3/8” X 100’) 
QTY TFTW09010 MINI WEDGE Service Line Tool 1/2” & 3/4”
QTY TFTW090504 Aircraft Cable (1/4” x 50’) 

QTY TFTW090754

Aircraft Cable (1/4” x 75’) 
QTY TFTW090104 Aircraft Cable (1/4” x 100’) 
QTY TFTW09505 1/2” and 3/4” PE Pipe Puller Adapter 
QTY TFTK16845 Cable Pulling Grip