Pollardwater is dedicated to serving the needs of municipal water and wastewater operations across North America. We back our expansive offering of utility tools, MRO products, valves and metering supplies with expert support. Find resources below to help you better serve your community through reliable access to clean, safe water.

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New Product Selection

Dive into the newest Pollardwater products of 2022, featuring pumps, chemicals, flow meters, tools, signage and much more.

Wastewater Selection

Discover all the Pollardwater wastewater selection products, including blowers, pumps, recorders and much more.

Flushing Selection

This brochure showcases all the top flushing projects. Discover dechlorinating diffusers, flow test kits, gauges and more.

Spring Selection

Explore all the top products you need for the spring season, including flow metering essentials, chemical feed pumps and more.

Vendor videos

Principles of Magnetic Locating Video Thumbnail Image

Principles of Magnetic Locating

Principles of Pipe & Cable Locating Video Thumbnail Image

Principles of Pipe & Cable Locating

Principles of Sonde Locating Video Thumbnail Image

Principles of Sonde Locating