Common Activated Sludge Microorganism Wall Chart


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Product Details

  • Great companion to activated sludge troubleshooting chart
  • Compilation of photomicrographs taken by Ron Schuyler, P.E., D.E.E., to illustrate the various microorganisms which can be observed in the activated sludge process
  • Include photomicrographs bacteria flocculated and individual cells, amoeba protozoa, flagellated protozoa, free-swimming ciliated protozoa, bulk liquid, crawlers, carnivores, crawling ciliated protozoa, stalked ciliated protozoa, metazoa rotifers, nematodes, water bears, ostracods and others
  • Also included is a relative predominance chart to show growth relationships among organisms, as well as a notes section to explain some of the details regarding the microorganisms
  • Laminated for protection


  • EPA Compliant
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    36 in
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    Activated Sludge Microorganism Chart
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