Pollardwater Premium Ultra-Grease Block Degreaser 5 lb. Block


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Product Details

  • Continuous dosage by hanging the block half-way into the lift station water, adjacent to the highest flow
  • Decreased jetting and grease disposal costs
  • Greatly reduces grease, fat and oil accumulation
  • Rope for hanging is included
  • Simple and safe to use
  • Standard blocks and red, premium
  • The block dissipates in 30-90 days in normal water flow rates
  • Ultra-grease block is a bacteria filled slow release block used for digesting organics such as grease, fats and oils in lift stations, wet wells, etc
  • Ultra-grease blocks offer 24 hour continuous waste digestion by simply hanging the block about half-way into the lift station water, adjacent from the highest flow areas


  • Application
    Degreaser, Lift Stations
  • Collection
    Premium Ultra-Grease Block
  • Product Type
  • Size
    5 lb Block