Reed Manufacturing 15 x 1 in. Valve Wheel Wrench


$38.5 each

Maximum Capacity:

1 in
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Product Details

  • Choose a wrench based on the hook opening that fits the width of the hand wheel
  • Hooks work without gouging the wheel rim
  • Using the valve wheel wrenches eliminate the possibility of OSHA inspectors assessing penalties for using a pipe wrench on a valve wheel rim as wrench teeth can leave sharp burrs on the wheel rim, which result in hand injuries
  • Valve wheel wrenches are the solution for handling hard-to-open valves
  • Valve wheel wrenches grip the rims of hand valve wheels securely and provide leverage for opening and closing


  • Adjustable
  • Length
    15 in
  • Maximum Capacity
    1 in
  • Tool Type
    Valve Wheel Wrench