3/4 in. PVC Socket and Threaded Diaphragm Valve

Part #HDAB1007UFF

| Item #4930515

$240.85 each

Valve Size:

3/4 in
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Product Details

  • Suitable for water, corrosive fluids and slurries
  • Precise flow control
  • These valves can be used for on/off and precise throttling
  • The valve controls flow by varying the space between a stationary weir and a moveable flexible diaphragm
  • By compressing the diaphragm against the weir, all flow is shut off
  • The only wetted components are the lower half of the valve body and the diaphragm
  • Hayward diaphragm valves are self-draining on one side so that little to no dead volume remains in the valve
  • A large hand wheel makes it easy to operate the valve and a beacon-type indicator provides highly visible position indication at the top of the valve’s rising stem


  • End Connection 1
    Socket Weld, Threaded
  • End Connection 2
    Socket Weld, Threaded
  • End Connections
    Socket Weld;Threaded
  • Length
    6-11/16 in
  • Material
  • Material Type
  • Maximum Temperature
  • Schedule Class
  • Valve Seat Material
  • Valve Size
    3/4 in
  • Valve Type
    Diaphragm Valve