COB Industries Qwik-Freezer™ 3/8 - 3 in. Pipe Freezing Kit


$983.00 each

Fits Pipe Size:

3/8 in - 3 in

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Product Details

  • Qwik-Freezer® kits consist of insulating pipe jackets, CO2 cylinder(s), reinforced high pressure hose, fittings, insulated work gloves, a rubber mallet, safety glasses, operating manual, timing log and a rigid fiber carrying case
  • Specially adapted liquid CO2 cylinders are supplied for use with Qwik-Freezer® equipment
  • The QFAL 20, a 20 lb aluminum cylinder with protective handle, is supplied with 3/8" to 3" kits
  • A 50 lb aluminum cylinder and QFAL50 is supplied with 4" to 8" kits as standard equipment
  • CO2 cylinders can be refilled by local welding and carbonic gas distributors


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  • Fits Pipe Size
    3/8 in - 3 in
  • UL Listed