Parson Environmental Product Odor Eater Manhole Insert


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Odor Eater Manhole Insert with Activator
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Product Details

  • Parson odor eater is a specially designed manhole insert with the addition of a canister containing 20 lb of activated carbon, which traps and stores unpleasant hydrogen sulfide and methyl mercaptan odors
  • Purified air is then allowed to ventilate into the atmosphere through the canister lid
  • A one-way valve allows water to drain, but no air to pass through it
  • Compact and corrosion resistant
  • Does not require routine maintenance and carbon can be replaced without removing the entire unit from the manhole
  • Will not interfere with installation or removal of the manhole cover
  • Unit (excluding carbon) is guaranteed for one year against manufacturing defects
  • Due to varying levels of H2S concentration, this chart should assist in estimating the expected life span of the activated carbon
  • Custom manufactured dimensions required


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    Odor Eater Manhole Insert with Activator