Pollardwater Pitot Kit with 10 ft. Remote Read Assembly


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Pitot Kit with 10 ft Remote Read Assembly
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Product Details

  • Measure flows while dechlorinating - dual read PSI/GPM gauge
  • Quick-disconnect saves abuse when transporting your LPD-250(ALUM)
  • The LPDPITOTKITKX is easily attached to your LPD-250 or LPD-250 ALUM and features a liquid filled gauge which reads in psi and gpm
  • Use the remote read assembly to monitor flows away from the diffuser ensuring you and your paper work remain dry
  • Quick-disconnect protects gauge during transport


  • Brand Model Compatibility
    LPD-250 and LPD-250ALUM Dechlorinating Diffusers
  • Type
    Pitot Kit with 10 ft Remote Read Assembly